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Peony Pink

With all the delicate elegance of Grace Kelly, you’ll find Peony Pink has a gentle charm worthy of any blushing beauty. Wear this shade in pretty outfits or introduce it in your bedroom or conservatory. 

Peony Pink

Product Benefits

  • DYLON Fabric Dyes are easy-to-use and completely safe for your washing machine!
  • All-in-1 formula to revive or change the colour of your clothes and soft furnishings.
  • This washing machine dye provides perfect, long-lasting and intense colour results.

  1. Put damp fabric into the drum. Remove sleeve, peel off lid and put the DYLON colour pod on top of the fabric.
  2. Run full cotton cycle (40°C).
  3. Run another full cotton cycle (40°C) – With detergent.

Read leaflet for detailed instructions.
Suitable for: cotton, linen & viscose. Mixes with synthetics will dye to lighter shades (pure synthetics will not dye).
One pack dyes 600g of fabric to full shade, up to 1.2kg to lighter shades.

DYLON Peony Pink is also available in Hand Dye.
Use with Pre-Dye if you want to change from one strong colour to another or if you want to achieve a lighter colour.

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