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Hand Dye

  • Sunflower Yellow

    Come rain or shine, Sunflower Yellow is a bright and beautiful colour and will put a smile on anyone’s face even on the gloomiest of days.

  • Fresh Orange

    Orange is the colour of positive energy. Refresh your clothes and home with this brilliant colour that will energize you with positivity.

  • Tulip Red

    This glorious red shade recalls the stunning tulip fields of Holland in full bloom. Invite Tulip Red into your home or wear it for a vibrant look that will quicken any beating heart.

  • Peony Pink

    With all the delicate elegance of Grace Kelly, you’ll find Peony Pink has a gentle charm worthy of any blushing beauty. Wear this shade in pretty outfits or introduce it in your bedroom or conservatory.

  • Passion Pink

    Invite Passion Pink into your home or wear it for a vibrant look that will stand out in any crowd. Enhance creativity and excitement with this brilliant colour.

  • Deep Violet

    Be bold and add a vivid flash of amethyst to your wardrobe – with a scarf, a throw or a cute summer vest you’ll capture the beauty of this jewel-like shade.

  • Paradise Blue

    Capture the cloudless skies of a tropical holiday. A shawl or bed spread in this brilliant shade will banish the winter blues or add brightness to a summer’s day.

  • Ocean Blue

    This rich and evocative colour draws its intensity from the depths of the ocean. Its uplifting influence unfolds to refresh your spirits.

  • Navy Blue

    The classic nautical shade; complement with red and white or offset with deep burgundies and greens to add majestic touches to a room.

  • Olive Green

    This succulent shade of green is inspired by the lush green leaves of olive trees. Introduce Olive Green fabrics into your home or wardrobe for a touch of natural beauty.

  • Espresso Brown

    Inspired by the intensity of a great espresso this woody tone captures the beauty of a walk in the woods and givs fabrics in your home and wardrobe a touch of natural beauty.

  • Smoke Grey

    Between black and white there are infinite shades of grey. This particular colour brings subtle sophistication to any wardrobe, paired with black or rich red tones this shade of grey looks fabulous.

  • Intense Black

    Black will always have an air of classic, chic sophistication. With Intense Black, your blacks will be at their best, rich, intense and profoundly dark.