Rae-vitalised Patch Pocket T-Shirt

©Daniel Annett for DYLON Dyes

Level: Beginners

Materials needed:

  • An old plain white cotton t-shirt
  • Patterned fabric for pocket (Cotton, linen, viscose, wool or silk material)
  • Grosgrain Tape
  • DYLON Hand Dyes in Navy Blue
  • DYLON Machine Dye Pod in Vintage Blue
  • Table salt
  • Rubber gloves
  • Matching coloured thread
  • Apron
  • Basic sewing tools - sewing machine, scissors, tape measure and pins
  • Marking tool such as Chalk Fabric Pencil
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Iron
  • Lighter

The Method

Dye the t-shirt

Step 1 & 2

1. Place the damp clean t-shirt in the washing machine and pop the unwrapped and opened DYLON Machine Dye Pod directly on top of the garment. Set the machine to a full 40° C cycle. Once this is complete, leave the item in the machine and run another cycle with detergent.

2. Once the t-shirt has been dyed and removed from the machine, run an empty cycle using detergent to clean your machine.

3. Once the t-shirt is ready, leave to dry away from direct sunlight.

Always read full Dylon Machine Dyes Pod instructions on the pack before use.

Dye the pocket

Step 4 & 5

4. Wash the chosen fabric for the pocket thoroughly and leave damp. Using rubber gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml of warm water.

5. Fill a stainless steel bowl with approximately 6 litres of warm water (40° C) and stir in 250g of DYLON Salt. Add dye and stir well.

6. Submerge fabric in water. Stir constantly for 15 minutes, then stir regularly for 45 minutes.

7. Remove fabric from the bowl and rinse in cold water. Then, wash in warm water and dry away from direct sunlight.

Prepare the grosgrain tape

Step 11

8. Measure and cut a 16cm piece of grosgrain tape. Burn the ends with a lighter to seal and avoid fraying. Fold the ends in at 1cm and iron to flatten.

9. Mark where you’d like to place the pocket on the t-shirt with chalk fabric pencil.

10. Pin the grosgrain tape to this area and ensure that the pressed ends are folded under to make a neat edge.

11. Stitch along the edge of the grosgrain tape and iron to ensure It's laying flat.  

Prepare the pocket

Step 12

12. Measure and cut out the pocket to your desired dimensions. We recommend 12cm x 13cm.

13. Fold and iron the top raw edge of the fabric over 1cm, repeat this again for 1.5cm.

14. Stitch the top of the pocket to make a neat edge.

15. Fold and iron the remaining raw edges of the pocket by 1cm.

Step 16

16. Pin the pocket to the shirt with the top edge on the grosgrain and stitch the pocket to the t-shirt and iron.

17. Add a small diagonal stitch to secure the top of the pocket.