We partner with Responsible Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn on an Upcycling 101

Did you know that British consumers are spending thousands of pounds a year trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, yet one in three people haven't worn half or more of their wardrobes in the past year? On top of this, the average person binned 12 items of clothing in 2019 alone. Shocking, we know!

To help people make the most of what’s already in their wardrobe,  we have partnered with Christopher Raeburn, Creative Director of leading responsible design company RÆBURN. He has taken three staple garments that everyone has in their wardrobe - a t-shirt, button down shirt and a pair of jeans - to demonstrate how you can inject some life into them at a minimal cost using simple upcycling techniques that can be done at home.

Use the simple guides below to transform your tired and discoloured clothes. Don’t forget to share your results on Instagram and tag @dylon_uk or #upcycling!

How to guides