Jean therapy: 3 Ways to revive faded denim

Close-up of woman wearing an indigo denim skirt with a white long-sleeved shirt and bright yellow handbag.
  • Denim is set to do another stint as a fashion staple
  • Indigo and black are the denim colours of the season
  • Revive and upcycle old, faded jeans, denim skirts and jackets with DYLON dye.
  • DYLON Jeans Blue and Intense Black were designed to bring your denim to life

As ever, the fashion universe is delivering loads of exciting new denim looks – high waist, indigo, colour-blocked, embroidered, oversized and dip-dyed everything is where it’s at. Raggedy and faded denim, not so much.

So if your denim favourites have flat lined, it’s definitely time to intervene. Unsure where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are three ways you can use DYLON’s range of dye to resuscitate your denim and bring it in line with the trends of the day:

Woman wearing a denim suit with a black and white striped business shirt.

1. Indigo is the go

On a sliding scale of sadness, faded denim sits somewhere between a disappointed puppy meme and a full-out world disaster. The day you can no longer take your trusty jacket, skirt or pair of jeans out in public, is a dark one for all involved. But before you say your farewells, stop. Don’t do it!

Indigo is coming back with a vengeance, which means it’s not too late to save your denim. A simple way to get it back on the fashion track is with a simple indigo wash. DYLON Jeans Blue produces a lovely deep indigo colour. Just what your poor faded denim skirt, jacket or jeans need to be let out of the house again.

2. Colour me shorts happy

Blue, black and grey are all great. Really. It’s just that there are so many other shades that denim looks good in, it’d be a shame not to give them a chance to shine. Especially since soft gelato hues are set to take the world – and street fashion – by storm. If you’re ready to join the trend, give your denim hot pants a delicious gelato makeover. For best results, start with white (or a faded denim as close to white as possible) shorts, then choose a sweet and playful colour like DYLON’s Dusty Violet or Peony Pink, to dye them to a tasty new finish.

3. Black to the future

The future is trendy; we’ve seen it. It’s full of bold reds, glittery shoes, checkers and – you guessed it – oversized black denim jackets and front-buttoned black jeans skirts. Yup, black is back! So whether your jeans jacket or skirt is faded to an unacceptable degree or just needs a general update, now is the time to get your hands on DYLON’s Machine Dye in Intense Black and get dyeing. Use a more diluted concentration over dark denim and revel in its blue-black glory or take light-coloured jeans full black and don’t look back.

How to save the planet with your old pair of jeans

“Can I really save the planet with my old jeans?” you ask doubtfully. No need for doubt. The answer is a resounding, yes! Aside from rescuing your favourite denim from the brink of destruction, another compelling reason to turn to DYLON dyes instead of a jeans store when updating your wardrobe, is because it is much more environmentally friendly.

Making your old jeans look fresh and fabulous only takes three wash cycles, which is a fraction of the 8,000 litres of water that it takes to irrigate cotton fields in the production of a new pair. So by choosing to upcycle rather than buy new, you’re not only saving your poor old jeans but the environment as well.